Tumbleweeds Handcraft is Beca Lewis Skeels and Doug Switalski. We claim stakes in the swamps of Florida's Central gulf coast, although in the last few years we've moved from the desert of Tucson, to beaches of San Diego, to the mountains of Tennessee and to a holler in Southern Indiana. We moved back home to Steinhatchee, Florida this last February. We make HANDCRAFTED GOODS FOR EXCEPTIONAL HUMANS..
We work with high impact acetate frames and veneer wood by hand to create an unique and durable pair of sunglasses. We also make Adventure Utensils, #tinyknife charms and miniatures, modern and locally sourced wind chimes and more rad stuff for our kindred spirits. Doug has a background in furniture building, veneer work and an assortment of mechanical and technical experience. Beca has worked in the film and TV industry but found a career as a pastry chef before leaving the kitchen to co-own and operate Tumbleweeds HC.
In 2011, we both quit our full time jobs to keep up with the demand of our sunglasses orders. We've handmade over 9000 pairs of sunglasses in the last 3.5 years and have recently decided to focus on small batch, one of a kind collections. It was so hard to keep up with the growing demand for our work, that after years of working on a backlog, we have recently made the switch to ready to ship items. 
You'll find us in the wood shop most days, but when we're not working hard to get orders filled and create new art, we're stomping through the swamps, travelling in the van with our dogs or drinking coffee next to the river.
We live a simple life and love to create beautiful things. Shop the collection HERE.